Finger Lakes Hired Gives Counseling to an Academic Counselor

Our jobs are one of the great pillars of our lives. When one of life’s pillars falls it often causes chaos and lack of clarity. At Finger Lakes Hired, we believe that the only way to clarity comes with from a plan. For Mary Beth Spinelli, the plan was all about figuring out how to market herself.

Mary Beth was ahead of the game. She had a marketing plan. Finger Lakes Hired’s Katie Behan helped her polish it.

“Having marketing plan and target list of companies helped me, help her,” Behan said.

Spinelli started working with Behan in May 2017. She spent time learning about Spinelli and her career goals. Spinelli was bright, well qualified, great with details and dedicated to doing good in her community. She previously worked for higher education and non-profit organizations. Behan helped Spinelli clarify exactly what type of positions she was looking for. Spinelli was interested in pursuing work at healthcare organizations. From there plan was sketched out: target companies, focus on informational meetings and explore Rochester’s healthcare organizations.

“I wish I did more informational meetings earlier on,” Spinelli said. “I did some and then stopped for a while.”

It was Behan’s encouragement that got Spinelli back on the right track.

“Katie Behan provided some great contacts in the health care field and smoothed the way for a few informational meetings and networking brunches I attended,” Spinelli said.

After all this work, a more positive Mary Beth Spinelli emerged. Feeling refreshed and determined, she worked her new connections as well as her own personal network.

“In the end, a family friend and my previous supervisor both knew the hiring manager for the job I was hired into,” Spinelli told us. “These individuals were willing to ask the hiring manager to keep an eye out for my application. It helped me get noticed in an otherwise very competitive company.”

By July 2017, Mary Beth Spinelli started at the University of Rochester as an Academic Counselor.

“While my new position is not in healthcare, Katie’s support and encouragement were very helpful,” Spinelli said. “Pursing the networking/informational meetings I did with people in health care greatly increased my confidence and vision for myself.”

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