A marketing veteran’s career rebounds with the help of Finger Lakes Hired

Kevin Gorman is a seasoned leader in Rochester’s marketing community. Despite a wealth of experience, he found himself out of work in early 2016.

Kevin Gorman

He faced one of the most baffling but increasingly common problems that older job seekers face: he was overqualified for most jobs listed publicly.

After 8 months of outreach, trial and error and searching for work in traditional ways, Gorman met with Finger Lakes Hired’s Katie Behan. Behan has heard this kind of story before.

“I have worked with customers in similar situations,” Behan said. “That’s why we focused on the hidden job market.”

Gorman understood the gravity of his situation. He knew that senior management roles such as Director and Vice President are rare and highly coveted in the Rochester market. These positions are typically filled from within the same industry, through relationships.

“What is unique about Kevin is his strong networking connections,” Behan said. “He was also open to ideas. He networked the way that we teach in our workshops.”

Behan and Gorman brainstormed ideas in person and over email. They worked to nurture the right relationships, within the right organizations. Behan even reached out to one business on his behalf. Results were not immediate. This did not discourage Gorman. He was determined to press on.

“I did not let disappointments linger,” Gorman told us. “There is nothing good from getting angry, you just assess the reasons why it did not work out, then you just ‘keep chopping wood’.”

Katie Behan

By chopping wood, Gorman meant exploiting his existing network and building new connections. Gorman became very active on LinkedIn. He currently has over 1,000 connections. These connections were full of people from  targeted companies in his industry. He also made himself available for networking. He created awareness among powerful figures in his industry and followed up quarterly to make them aware that he was looking for the right fit.

“I was confident that Kevin would land,” Behan said. She was right.

In April 2017, Kevin began a senior management position within Windstream Communications. Kevin says he could not have done it alone.

“Ask for help,” Gorman said. “90% of people are happy to hear you out, share their ideas, and advocate for you if/when needed. They are also often flattered to be asked and will remember you if you keep in touch with them.”

“Pay it forward,” Gorman said. “and never stop making connections.”

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