Six Job Search Tips from a Finger Lakes Hired Alumni

We ask every customer who participates in our program for tips to help increase their success and shorten their length of unemployment. Sandy Ressler, a Finger Lakes Hired Alumni. Sandy worked with Alex Vattimo out of our Monroe County location.  She is now a Project Manager at LMT Technology Solutions. She offered these six gems:

1: Mourn the Loss of Your Job

“Take some time (at least two weeks) to mourn you job loss,” Ressler says. “This will put you in a better frame of mind for job searching (not down or angry).

2: Get better at LinkedIn

“The RochesterWorks! LinkedIn classes were excellent. Put some personality into your summary section so people get an idea of who you are not just what you do. I also had “position” sections for Seeking New Opportunities and Recent Professional Development. In the Seeking section, I listed the types of positons I was looking for and the qualifications that I had for each. In the Recent section, I listed the online classes from Udemy and through the Finger Lakes Hired program that I had taken to show that I was keeping up on various technologies and tools that I had taken to show that I was keeping up on various technologies and tools.”

3: Take Five Steps to Rapid Employment at RochesterWorks!

“Five Steps to Rapid Employment gives you a well-rounded toolset to find a new job including time to evaluate whether you want to do something different.  Other classes offered help support the Five Steps toolset and provide general support to job seekers. It keeps you out of the house, get support from others and met other people (network).”

“As part of my attendance, I learned about the Finger Lakes Hired program which I applied to and was accepted.”

4: Learn to network

“Get involved in many organizations to meet people. The August Group has a networking workshop called Jumpstart that is a series of sessions to learn how to network. A member of the August Group advised me to think about what I really like to do and build my elevator speech around those thoughts. I attended a career fair a few days later where I approached the employers with the skills I wanted to promote. I had realized that his advice also applied to my job search and changed the type of positions that I was pursuing.”

5: Stay Positive

“Stay positive when you don’t hear back from any companies that you applied for jobs – sometimes even after interviews.”

6: You Don’t Have the Job Until You Have Something in Writing

“Just because you think the interview went well and you should have the job, it doesn’t mean that you will be selected,” Ressler says. “Continue to look for other positions so if the job offer never comes, you didn’t lose the time (e.g. a month) waiting for the offer.”

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